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Wed, 26 February 2020 - 10:34:04

Zeezaw for Firefox Help

What is the Zeezaw for Firefox add-on?

To make life easier, we have developed an add-on for Firefox that adds a button to your toolbar and lets you add items directly to your Zeezaw List when you're browsing items on Amazon.

Zeezaw toolbar button

When you first install the add-on, it will ask you to log in to Zeezaw. This is so that we can store a token for the add-on and avoid the need to request login details every time you use it.

The toolbar button has a convenient menu that lets you go straight to the Zeezaw or Amazon websites and provides access to help and version information for the add on.

The button itself is context sensitive, so it will only become active when you are on and Amazon page that is displaying an item that you can add to your Zeezaw List.

Zeezaw toolbar button

When the button is active, a new item appears on the context sensitive menu that lets you start tracking the item on Zeezaw. Clicking the button itself (instead of the menu) has the same effect.

When you choose to track an item, a window will pop-up to let you choose your initial target prices and select which of your Zeezaw Lists to use (if you have more than one).

Zeezaw tracking popup

When you click the Add to list button, an indicator is shown whilst the item is added to your list.

That's it! The item is now being tracked for you. If you want to change your target prices or remove the item just edit your Zeezaw List as normal.